The Manhattan Inn The Light Of Greenpoint Says Goodbye

Yesterday as we filmed the second to last Hum Series on behalf of Hypnocraft, the news made public just hours before the evenings event about the venue’s final leg of shows began to sink in my mind like a stone. Having a venue host events like these, better the community: you see the magic happen and flourish and grow and manifest seedlings in the form of new friends, creative raconteurs, collaborative efforts in hawkish times and a part of you knows how hard it is to rebuild every time this happens.

We’ll be there next week filming the last of the Hum Series for what was going to be of the year–now also the last there will ever be at The Manhattan Inn.

The owners have stated they will be opening a new space to eat, drink, and congregate, early next year; “We are incredibly grateful to our staff, the artists, and everyone who has supported us since 2009. We are looking forward to unveiling a new and exciting endeavor that will serve the community in a fresh atmosphere come 2017.” Though the little glowing light of Greenpoint will be missed, in all its wood-paneled, antique mirror-adorned majesty.

For the final month of November, the Manhattan Inn will host celebratory star-studded line-ups curated by LPR Presents. The schedule includes: Delicate Steve, Kaki King, Joan As Police Woman, Nick Hakim, Sam Evian, Pavo Pavo, J. Hoard, Sam Cohen, Wilsen, all the events are for free, but you should tip the artists.


photo by: David Andrako

Full schedule:

Shows will be RSVP and first-come, first-served, via DoNYC.
DoNYC Links will be added to Facebook Events in the coming days 

Sunday, October 30 at 8PM |
Suggested $5-10 Donation: Facebook Event

Pavo Pavo // Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson Reimagined // Ian Chang // StarChild & The New Romantic // Karaoke Piano Hour with Joe McGinty [6:30-7:45]

Monday, October 31 at 8PM |
$5 cover at the door: Facebook Event 

This Halloween Experience the Darkness with Xander Duell, Jason Bartell, Abhik Mukherjee, Jen Goma and Sam Muglia

Wednesday, November 2 at 8PM |
$5 cover at the door: Facebook Event

J. Hoard Residency featuring: Rabbi Darkside // Kid Singapore // Wali Sanga // The Ruff Pack // Sonnymoon

Saturday November 5 at 8PM |
Suggested $5-10 Donation: Facebook Event

Nick Hakim // Joan As Police Woman // Mrs. Adam Schatz // Dave Harrington // DJ Charlie Ferguson // Cocktail Piano Hour with Tim Norton [6:30-7:45]

Sunday, November 6 at 8PM |
Suggested $5-10 Donation: Facebook Event

SECRET ARTIST // Sam Evian // Wilsen // Cassandra Jenkins // Cocktail Piano Hour with Joel Forrester [6:30-7:45]

Monday, November 7 at 8PM |
Suggested $5-10 Donation: Facebook Event

Optional Funeral presented by Showtime featuring A Lot of People: Arone Dyer (Buke and Gase) // Dave Harrington //  Lorelei Ramirez // Jason Bartell // Jennifer Vanilla // David Lizmi // Samir Langus // Josh Werner // Austin Vaughn // Teeny Lieberson // Mikey Freedom Hart + More!

Wednesday, November 9 at 8PM |
$5 cover at the door: Facebook Event

J. Hoard Residency featuring guests King Klave // Funk Pterodactyl // Nadia Washington // People’s Champs

Friday, November 11 at 7:30-10PM | Suggested $5-10 Donation


Saturday, November 12 at 8PM |
Suggested $5-10 Donation: Facebook Event

Sam Cohen // Invisible Familiars // Keenan O’Meara // DJ Set // Cocktail Piano Hour with with Joaquin Cotler [6:30-7:45]

*Closing Night* Sunday, November 13 at 7PM |
Suggested $5-10 Donation: Facebook Event

Delicate Steve (solo) // Kaki King // TEEN // Tigue // Anni Rossi // Shahzad Ismaily & Indigo Street // Cocktail Piano Hour with Dylan Meek [6:30-7:45]