“Yellow” sounds like 90miles per hr on the 405, trying to getaway after a botched robbery, piling down into the desert. Its venomous guitars charm you into a hypnosis, and Alex Fitts’s vocal arrangements literally have been stuck in my head all week, he sings, “You’re the only one that can talk any sense to me,” while i’m sure you are, all I know is I’ve immediately placed this on my “Get Amped Playlist,” and I can’t wait to see what the Fakeguns will be doing on their upcoming release. This is by far some of the best fuzzed out indie psych garage i’ve heard in a while, it seems Fakeguns knows the perfect little place between pop sensibilities and grit. Taking a listen to Fakeguns you might wonder why that voice sounds so familiar, odds are you’re one of the indiephiles like us. (And if you’re still wondering) it’s none other than Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums, back with a new project, joined by Chris Wall of the band. This new direction seems mature on the first go round because it’s not their first go round, I love  that they’re exploring the more rock-ish elements only TKD’s flirted with on this one, and as much as TKD have built a long-term legacy for them over the years, it’s creative gusto like this that’ll set them free and onto new and exciting things in life, so more power to them.