Orrin 3yrs (Produced by Dom$olo) 

Things change. C’est la vie, and when an artist like Orrin is born, he turns it all into a tsunami of hip hop and tape-matic music. Told from the perspective of a native New Yorker (Manhattan, Far Rockaway, Queens) it often recants the pain of needing to spread your wings the only way how: alone.

In his own words Orrin says, “The song symbolizes a time of transition, one where I was putting pressure on myself as well as succumbing to outside forces. I felt like I had lost my voice and this song is where I felt like I got it back.” If you listen carefully you can hear voice recordings of a women speaking, it makes me think of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, little forgotten dream-like images, it finishes with what could be Orrin himself speaking on the track, an abstract message well worth arriving upon at the end of this really smooth experimental and lo-fi hip hop track.