Life Is Beautiful In Las Vegas

Most people believe that the Electric Daisy Carnival is an accurate representation of music festivals in Las Vegas -extravagant, grandiose, and over-the-top, as some might call it, as the fireworks and Ferris wheel almost detract from the very idea of the festival, which is the celebration of music. Unlike all those Insomniac productions, Life is Beautiful is not about being loud nor is it competing with the rest to be the best outdoor party in Vegas. Rather, it’s a commemoration for acts across the genres, together with all the other artists of the world, from painters to chefs.

But for anyone that hasn’t been to or even heard of Life is Beautiful, it’s commonly misconstrued as yet another one of those carnival-like festivals that Las Vegas casino operators are so keen on investing in these days and shoving down tourists throats. With EDC generating $1.3 billion for the local economy since its launch back in 2011, large-scale music fests as such are now key economic drivers for the city, as casino profits dwindle. The Vegas gaming revenues have been declining little by little, year on end, as more casino patrons opt for online platforms for an authentic poker experience without the pressures of the physical gaming floor. Thus, casino operators moved the action to the outdoors, sponsoring EDC for a bigger and bolder celebration year after year. This in turn would reel in more tourists, increasing chances of casino hotel stays and gameplay.

Life is Beautiful, in contrast to the ostentatious show known as EDC, is classed as a movement and a soul collective meant to inspire others to see the positivity and beauty in life though music, art, culture and food. Hosted throughout downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street plus other locations, attendees get to see a different side of Sin City, the part away from the flashy Strip. The murals, immersive experiences and installations highlight the downtown landscape, showcasing talent from all four corners. Chefs bring their A game to offer worldly culinary experiences, while the music and live performances are there to soothe our souls.

This year’s lineup is a sampling of the musicians and groups from a wide range of genres, from Third Eye Blind and Mumford & Sons to Warpaint and The Lumineers. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in the lineup, and it will definitely change your perspective on what a music festival should be all about.

The festival starts on September 23rd and runs until the 26th. Tickets are still available if you’ll be in town this Friday.