Pnahsi is the tsunami of experimental DJ and sample based poetry in motion. His debut EP Transient features 7 tracks of deeply saturated house, afro-rythms, and 80’s hip hop used in conjunction with a mega library of voice samples.

It’s mixed quite round and warm too, perfect for the sentimental side of this record. You could throw on Transient and mediate at Coney Island Beach, you could also get down with your friends to one of the chilliest and inspiring records of its variety.

“Mind Sketch pt. 1” is one of the major gems on the record, and it only starts out with what sounds like water dripping in a half-time feel–throwing you immediately off, when the groove hits, and the buzzsaw of the gritty bass muddy’s up your ears, you’re locked in. Pnashi is a Brooklyn based artist and this is his debut.