Lately I’ve been watching a lot of experimental french films, Elysse’s “Eve” comes at the right time for me–maybe it’ll come at the right time for you? It’s gonna knock you off your feet though, this Brooklyn-based artist brings a hazy-surrealist sound to r&b in a way that takes it to another planet. With panning sounds of a possible Mars mission, dark-toned guitars, and the lagging walk of the bass, it’s the bright voice guiding it (into almost an orchestral big band feel) that makes this debut so raw and worth every gram of its weight in genre redefinition. Also look for outstanding contributions from guitarist/producer Joe Harrison (Nick Hakim), electronic artist/producer Rahm Silverglade (Kiah Victoria, Altopalo), Vishal Nayak on drums (Empress Of), and Grammy award winning bassist Mitch Friedman.