Jinsang | Solitude 1504190_826415647466371_479017389713646604_o

Jinsang makes music that’s like coffee on a Sunday morning, rounding out near my favorite for work i’ve felt the most freeing approach to songwriting being written in this style.

Stylistically, whether it’s the church beats tossed in with hip hop 808’s, gem-sounding 80’s keys, or that disco era string section, they pay nostalgically back to a legacy in motion. But Jinsang’s latest, Solitude is retrofitting sounds in more of an art studio in California vibe than some dumbed-down throwback record. The opposite could not be more true. Jinsang makes it known he is the product of todays listener,

with an assumed feverish love for the New Wave Cassette Tape™ era of the 2000’s, coming into swing now even more so in the last 5 years as vinyl has in the last 10. The mastering quality is also factor, encasing the record in that warmer rounded sound than the Midi > Master Protools rig would suggest.

These are 26 songs mind you, that babble like scriptures, acting like elastic cords on your mind, they stretch like ink blots onto one another,—trade instrumentations playing the “signature voice” of each song. Each component into the packaging also seems to be designed to allow your mind to paint on the sounds, look to the vagueness of the song titles, the front cover, they all signal a subtly, it’s like the feeling of staring at waves crashing down on a beach.

Sometimes Jinsang sounds more Chicago than he does New York, but a deeper reflection into the waves of color, either maroon-sand or jade-water, and you’re in California. Somehow I feel i’ve traversed them all during the journey, and soon Solitude becomes the kindle-wood for all those lonely traveling moments coming around soon.

This is to everyone who’s heart will be between two places at once; with it a melody, color, or beat, for each moment; to carry you through the end of the year.