“I’m so thrilled to hear a voice that’ll leave you holding onto the edge of your seat, singers that move so freely in their range make the world glow after all–I love how honest Maia Friedman makes use for her sacred instrument. Besides featuring an amazing singer to lead the charge, they’re also brandishing a bad ass band name, (that sounds fun enough to repeat over and over.)

Uni Ika Ai, was born from a desire to experiment, other projects were a part of band members lives when they came together (Lucius, Toebow, Via Audio) and an angular pop-art strapping the electro-pop paradigm was unearthed–and listen closely, a perpetuating poise and grace persists through electro waltzy “Soft In Ice.” Really separating it from the consumable-grade of indie-pop cohorts, not built to last outside the traps and demands of familiar palpability.

If you’re wondering who else besides Friedman is a part of this magic, look no further than Peter Lalish, known for contributions to Lucius, which are re-appreciating and refreshing to hear in this dynamic.

The sense of future sounds backed by musicians that know the world of live music, is defiantly adding some component to the stew brewing here that engages my need to enjoy rhythmic creativity, not bound to instrumentation, nor dynamics, that define a signature modern indie amalgam. I cannot stress that enough, the tapestries may twinkle with lushness, but to me they imply rhythm and blues and bite back a little, and there’s something to be said about a sense of joy in trying something out that makes being around to witness it fun for us too.

If you’d like to avoid missing this little thunder bolt collaboration of genuine need for experimentation, Keeping A Golden Bullseye In The Corner of My Mind, releases in early October and their official site is a great place to look out for shows.”