Full Moon Festival In Photography|  Summer’s Blue Moon in Photo

“The East Ferry ride brings back so many memories, i’m one who’s only sitting there when there’s an adventure to go on. What made yesterday’s more special was getting to cover our first ever summer festival, so first thing is first, major thanks to everyone at Full Moon Festival, as I thumbed through my iPhone upon reaching the DUMBO area for Full Moon related social media links, (which I promptly discovered are: Twitter, Instagram, Official) I stumbled on the word Syzygy [siz-i-jee]. Which describes a rare astronomical event involving three heavenly bodies alignment of three celestial bodies in a straight line, commonly the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, I thought about it later when I was in a pool of my sweat right up front with bands I’d mostly never heard of, the celestial bodies were aligning, even at times when the rain–ever so briefly–consumed Governor’s Island with a fresh dose of cool through the humid salted air.DSC00424Below is a an extended photo edition of our event coverage, because with a 10hr day of fun, it was hard to be picky. Full Moon Fest has so much potential, with booking like that, highlights included the 70’s doused Escort set, a surprise Phony Ppl appearance as backing band for Kali Uchis, the theatrics of Santigold and more!

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 • Kali Uchis w Phony Ppl Kali_Elevtr_Trax5


• Escortescort2



• Allah-Las


• Festivities



• Santigold


Santigold_FullMoonFest_Elevtr_Trax10 DSC00852Santigold_FullMoonFest_Elevtr_Trax22