“Ever know something’s over before it ends? That’s how I felt standing in T5 at JFK Airport, the pale glare of flight screens illuminating my jawline as I stared stupidly. By pure luck I was given a CMJ pass by a fellow disgruntled JetBlue employee, and I wound up seeing Local Natives first show in NYC in 4 years at the Bowery Ballroom. Things were going to be alright after all I thought. Flash forward and they’re still guiding me with their latest release. The timely poignancy on “Fountain Of Youth,” might not be for the kid I am no longer, but I sure as hell wish more people were listening to me then.

Now, a song so raw, so naked it burns a bright hole in lost moments, how do Local Natives channel pureness when things are so marooned by harshness and iron? Let’s bathe in their water and risk new things.