Muslim Rapper Riz Ahmed has a track that amplifies a very loud silenced majority through his latest “Englistan.” A time complacency keeps us distracted and obedient, art becomes an alarm for some artists willing to jump into the fray, down the glutinous marketing gamut to tear a few posters down; offer something relevant, even potentially eye opening and cathartic. The Britain Asian MC tears down a lot of the plutocracy hypocrisy and xenophobia fanned by the extremist ideologues fighting for power in the world, in a climate that almost echo’s World War II. With nothing but a heart, a voice, a mic, and a pen, Mc Riz has taken on browness in a bold and beautiful way, ebbing and flowing with a taste of the fear and frustration many brown and/or muslim people feel with the talent that doesn’t limit his art to Protools, you may recognize his appearances on HBO’s The Night Of and the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One.

For Extra Credit: