ElevtrTrax – OddiseeNo Reservations 

Sudanese­-American hip­ hop artist Oddisee’s EP, “Al­Wasta,” takes its title from the Arabic colloquial term used to mean “the plug.” The term “wasta” comes from the Arabic word “wasat,” meaning “middle” or “middleman,” and describes a member of the community who acts as a connector using their wealth of social currency. Understanding the value of social currency & how to use it is what Amir Elkhalifa aka Oddisee focused on as the primary inspiration for his writings. The track “No Reservations” is the best example of nuanced experiences, a deep understanding of social justice, and skill coming together. AlWasta has made Oddisee our years best emcee list without a doubt, his lyrical flow is instrumental, percussive, and capable of delivering words like a boxer delivers punches: they hit you before you even see them coming.