ElevtrTrax Of The Day – Drakkar NowhereHigher Now
“Doesn’t the beat of the synapse have a bass line like this? On “Higher Now,” this lucidity follows like a dust bowl’s tumble weed. The astral homage found glittered in reverberant keys, to psychedelic raconteurs like The Doors and The Beach Boys, sounds so hip in this new stew they’re brewing up. Drakkar Nowhere’s expanse however goes beyond the threshold of a reverb pedal, members Daniel Collás and Morgan Phalen met when they were members of NYC-based Phenomenal Handclap Band, but Drakkar Nowhere was born in Stockholm, Sweden of all places during their stay there together in an apartment. Before long Los Angeles, New York City, and a run in with 70’s music veteran Ned Doheny eventually gestated into this lush and beautiful syrupy soul tune. Journeys matter, and you can join the ride when it releases in full this September 23, 2016.”