ElevtrTrax Of The Day – Craig Shepard – On Foot: Brooklyn

“Craig Shepard. Not the sort of name that verbosely says, “i’m an artist.” What we’re left with is just the art. How does it check out? Imagine walking in your neighborhood. What do you hear? The sound of wheels? Or the kids shouting in the playground? Just when i’m getting along in a weird introduction to this experimental piece, I think: maybe it was in the name all along, Craig Shepard:


Play shep·herd

A shepherd is like a conductor of events



  1. To shepherd is defined as to herd or guide.

    An example of to lead a group of people such as minister leads his congregation.

“Coney Island,” guides like Tai Chi. Often in public spaces, Shepard can be found listening to the music of the streets and the natural world. The self-described practice he says, “like listening to the sound of falling snow.”

But in a city of insomniac children, (cleaning up ghettos), he writes music through a rigorous walking process in Brooklyn. Being existential in New York is weird these days, but Shepard most recently decided to go for a routine walk, while on Foot in Brooklyn, an idea came to life; why not do a 91-day 780-mile trek in New York City?

I should mention where all these field recordings lead to, but I can’t guide you there. No, that’s the man that proceeds this blip in the system’s job: on April 15th, 2014, the voices in a microcosm were magnetically tethered to a device. Then a flurry of violins and horns trickled down (like snow?),




it’s like a grainy image or

an over exposed Polaroid

or the rising gas off the

heat of pavement

a murky that’s hiding in summer,

a song within a song.