#SayTheirNames Fundraiser Unites Locals for the Victims of Pulse Nightclub5This Sunday afternoon hundreds gathered at C’mon Everybody from noon to 6pm to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting. Bed-stuy’s C’mon Everybody was filled with vigils, DJ’s spinning, while taking charitable donations, all of this lead up to a name reading at 3pm. The names read out loud, they were to say out loud the names buried in headlines across this country.

A touching quote during that portion was the statement, “We must love each other and protect each other, we have nothing to lose but our chains.”

21The outpour and love in the room almost had me choking up, it was beautiful to see people’s generosity and solidarity, there were people from many walks of life uniting to show support for the lives tragically lost at Pulse Orlando Nightclub. The most recent estimate is that about $4,000 dollars were raised. The fundraisers statement read: “We invite you to come share space, laugh, cry, and dance your heart out to honor those at Pulse.” I can say that it was a success by that measure and more, more than words can hope to say. 17

Two thirds of what was raised will go to Somos Orlando and the other third will go to long-term queer organizing efforts in the South via Southerners on New Ground.

The DJ’s and organizers included Shyboi(Yulan Grant), STUD1NT (Izzy Barreiro), DJ Bebe (Alex Lopez), Mursi LayneAdam Rhodes (PAPI JUICE), who joined organizers CremosaRIOBAMBA_djD. BattyJack,  Oscar Nñ, Eric Sosa of C’mon Everybody.