Celebrate Elevt With The Midnight Hollow, Surf Rock Is Dead, & Chantel De Lava
C’mon Everybody, Bed-Stuy’s lovable, year-old music dive on Franklin Avenue, hosted the first home show in Brooklyn last Thursday for our summer concert series, Celebrate Elevt.
Chantel De Lava of Lavachild, an experimental collaboration between select New York City-based musicians, played a solo set, clean and quiet behind her synthy setup. The music was hypnotic and heavy, thoughtful and melodic. Chantel’s voice, light and gentle, mixed with the repetitive loops and twisted together to make her sound.
On a different note, Surf Rock is Dead, an indie pop versus punk fusion, hit the stage second. Picking up the pace from Chantel’s more mellow vibes, the boys of Surf Rock bounced around the stage, jumping into the air at times and leaning up close into their respective mics. Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg pulled off the west coast-meets-east coast sounds with enthusiasm and and a little grit.
To finish off the night, Brooklyn’s The Midnight Hollow, something of an ode to glam rock nods and electronic beats of way back when, made a dance party of C’mon Everybody’s backroom. Frontman Spencer Draeger crooned and drew in the crowd with grand gestures and sweeps of the stage. Their poppy set was playful, complemented by glowing, neon balloons and the blue light that soaked into everything anywhere near the stage.
All photos are by Darragh Dandurand, please credit for use