ElevtrTrax Of The Day – Belle MareHow Much Longer

Just the idea of a band creating something just as inspiring since their inception is remarkable. Brooklyn-based Belle Mare work in that magic each time they try on a new venture, new idea, or new melody. From the barren February icy-tones that first captivated me on Cicada and Dark Of My Evening, it’s as if a tiny sliver of warmth has broken that cool texture becoming something more to appreciate,–this is the beginning of something more beautiful. Amelia Bushell’s voice shines, Thomas Servidone’s guitar work flourishes, the additional synth textures of Tara Rook soar, while the pocket-rhythms of Rob Walbourne give Gary Atturio all the wiggle room needed to weave bass lines to create a more complete picture for the band. Give “How Much Longer” a listen (and another, and another,) until you realize they’re playing a show in NYC June 30th at Le Poisson Rouge you shouldn’t miss.