Lots to say about the events launch, i’ve learned a crap ton and will wait till after the 19th when all of our events have come to an end to release an at length essay about it! Till then, I want to thank all the talented bands for their trust and faith and the work you make; it’s truly inspiring to hear music with that much depth and love, i’m committed to helping this music scene, the music scene i’ve been a part of for 15 years. It’s truly and honor! Please join us next Thursday for the third night of shows, thanks to the talent of our recent contributors, Darragh Dandurand and Olivia Delmore, we’ll keep the coverage coming and hope you’ll join us for the last two at our favorite venue, C’mon Everybody. June 16th tix are here and June 19th tix are here.

The Midnight Hollow

“Keep It Strange, Lose Yourself. New York City’s hypnotic power trio, The Midnight Hollow, is led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Draeger, with Andrew Segreti on drums and Matt Leibowitz on Bass. As a testament to the band’s most integral attribute, playing live, Stereogum listed them as “band to watch” after witnessing their very first performance. Their first official release, “Downstairs,” was an atmospheric, half acoustic half electronic dream single issued under French based electro/art rock label Zappruder Records. The follow up self-titled EP included psychedelic journeys “That Rabbit Talk” and “Her Morning Glow,” featuring a 6 and a half minute long video complimenting their dark aesthetic. The video for “Her Morning Glow” received praise by both Noisey and Stereogum for it’s hypnotizing visuals and sounds, and propelled the band into the spotlight. The Midnight Hollow has continued to blend sounds and turn heads with their latest EP, For The People Inside. The single “Forward,” was featured on Spotify’s Best New Music Playlist,” became the inspiration for fashion designer Todd Snyder’s NYFW runway show, and was used as the auditory backdrop for the event. The band is currently recording their next album.” (10pm)

Surf Rock is Dead

“Originally hailing from Chicago and Melbourne, Australia, Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg–together Surf Rock is Dead–embody the beachiness of their namesake’s genre through a new wave filter. Praised by Noisey and EARMILK, the duo’s captivating live show is crashes over you in the best way possible.” (9pm)

Chantel De Lava (Playing a Solo Set)

“Blends beautiful illustrious synths with a soulful voice.” (8pm)