// May // “It’s May, and there are days I am perfectly happy there is coffee for me to brew in the morning. That when the sun lines up through the backyard fence and hits the pot of marigolds perched up outside my window during a sun shower, I see the ghost of mornings rose, the rose that calls herself perfection while my senses dilate and queue. What falls off the eaves? Is it happiness in inches? rainfall in minutes? the light in the Musallā? Maybe most people are on some mission to “right” some “wrong” based on their theology or their religion, but how can you be a preacher outside your home when you can’t be grateful for what is Inside your cupboards? what is in bloom outside your window? you can lay your bones to bed and ask them to think of the life they’ve lived instead, to help them sleep better at night, but I never trust these saints that don’t enjoy their coffee in the morning.” – N.G.Salaam

// Featuring Over Sands, 2001, Momo, Local Natives, Wyldest, Blackie & The Oohoos, Lavachild, Sylas, RY X, Julianna Barwick, Pavo Pavo, and twig twig. //

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