Celebrate Elevt Madam West + Mark U Live From Lively
Unseasonably cold outside, the cave that is The Lively, tucked off and under the streets of the Meatpacking District was nothing but inviting. The venue, new to Manhattan, offered a warm, divey-club vibe. Built-in benches and standing tables lined the elongated brick cavern, leading straight to a small, level stage.
Kicking off ElevtrTrax’s new 6-show series, Celebrate Elevt, Madam West and Mark U played complementary sets back-to-back, soaked in red and white lights.
With ambient vocals and pulsing, oozing beats, leading lady, Sophie Chernin swayed, vocally and physically, in and out of each song. Her voice, haunting, when she hit the heavy notes, it was clear she brought the essence of Madam West’s music together. The full band, airy, yet funked up, kept the beat going with covers and tunes from their debut album Loves You.
Mark U, controlled and focused, crooned and harked home to hip hop and reggae roots. His backing artists fell into a mechanic, almost gear-like function; their movement in sync, their communication purely musical, yet their rhythm organic and flushed. Mark U told stories in between songs and often dropped quickly into soulful, thoughtful grooves. 5.18.2016_Elevtrtrax_MarkU_Lively_DarraghDandurand_03
The night ended with a lot of love for the moment music made and the start of Celebrate Elevt. The series will feature other acts this Summer including The Midnight Hallow, Rvby My Dear, Pavo Pavo, and Surf Rock Is Dead to name a few, between Manhattan’s The Lively and Brooklyn’s C’mon Everybody. Full schedule here.
(All photos by Darragh Dandurand please credit for use)