bigfig2On May 3rd 2016, a dove was released into the sky possibly to never return, local Brooklyn band Big Figment announced their last show together on a facebook post stating and addressing, “Dearest friends & fambly.” It defiantly bums us out, we had the honor of filming them and documenting some special moments for Melt Fest – and got to know the band. For fans of wicked local music, for fans of fervently creative mad hatters, BIG FIG, will surely leave a hole in your heart where the cross section of jazz, wild rhythms, and shoegazed guitars once filled. But before you droll out your extra-large napkin or borrow your friends sleeve, we’d like to note they’re playing one more show at The Gateway this Friday night May 20th with Five Pound Snap, Turnip King, & Harvey Eyeballs. When their goodbye letter goes on, it clarifies that this end could possibly be an “end” for now, stating, “Until that day comes, we hope you choose live local music over laptops, love and community over apathy and exclusivity, the outer boundaries of your inner freakness over pleasing the masses.”


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A look at each members influences:

BIG FIGMENT - CHIMÆRICS - andrew blend colorAndrew: Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Robert Schumann Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Louis Armstrong, Donald Byrd, Art Blakey, Smashing Pumpkins, BeethovenBIG FIGMENT - CHIMÆRICS - peter blend II color

Peter: Bach, Zelenka, Chopin, Monk, Scofield, Mingus, The Bad Plus, The Mars Volta, Snarky Puppy, Dawn of Midi, The Beatles, Django Reinhardt
BIG FIGMENT - CHIMÆRICS - adam blend copy
Adam: The Bad Plus, Incubus, Avishai Cohen trio
BIG FIGMENT - CHIMÆRICS - jennae blend color
Jennae: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, St. Vincent, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Portishead, Kate Bush