Software Designer Mike McDearmon | Cataloging NYC Music On Spotify 
Is there even a point? Maybe, says Mike McDearmon. Not all of us are tastemakers or well connected, getting on Spotify playlists with subscribers over 10k are difficult to place on but still robust ways to get people-to-your-music-fast. Potentially attracting the ears you want, fans that go to shows, buy records, and appreciate weird “niche” sounds. Spotify to me, more than anything was a un-curated low-risk online library of music. So when Mike McDearmon spoke to me about creating a list of bands seen week to week here in NYC, I wanted to know more about–what if anything–could be a way to catalogue just some of the minutia of New York City. I’m no software buff, but luckily Mike is. Mike McDearmon is a jazz, R&B, and rock drummer based in NYC. When he’s not drumming with alt-soul band Madam West, he’s sitting in with various R&B groups and playing in subway stations. A software designer by day, Mike is interested in helping musicians leverage web technologies to promote their music. – Nadeem

Where did this idea come from?

M- “I wanted to make a playlist capturing what you could expect to hear if you walked into a DIY or Indie music venue in New York City on any given night – places like Shea Stadium BK, Cake Shop, or C’mon Everybody.”MIKEMCDEARMIXTAPECOVER

What kind of music can listeners expect?
M- “Songs on the playlist span a wide range of genres from post punk to soul. When I add a new song, I try to not think about genre pairing and instead think about all the ingredients that go into forming a lineup at an indie show: local artists reaching out to their peers, curation by bookers and promoters, touring bands calling up locals for support, last minute replacements, and just plain luck of the draw.”


Are there any rules for inclusion on the playlist?
M- “There are two rules: the playlist includes only one track per artist, and only artists based in NYC. The first rule is a tough one to follow because most of these musicians have a lot of fantastic songs, but doing so includes more artists for people to discover. As far as keeping it NYC-only goes, my thought was that if a listener in the city heard something they like, there’s a really good chance that artist is playing a show nearby soon. Oh, and I guess it goes without saying – but you won’t hear any artists backed by major labels on this list.”


What do you hope to achieve with it?
M- “This being a regularly updated playlist, I hope it serves as a reliable source for new music to those that follow it. For local music fans, hopefully this list surfaces new artists you’re inspired to go see live. And for musicians, maybe it’ll help you find another artist or two to put together your next show with.”

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