“We bring all of our gear—we don’t rent anything on tour. No matter where it is, we have to come up with how to ship all the gear economically and not to lose money on the tour and stuff like that. Everything takes time, and it lessens the time to work on new material. It’s two or three years that we tour on each album. and by the time you finish that, you’re late for a new album. The impression is you’re always late. I’m already late for the next album. It works in our favor, because you really work through each album. By the time you finish the tour, you really know what you want next, because you O.D. on the current album. You want something entirely different. If you never toured, and you stayed home and listened to the album from time to time, and you think, “Oh my God, we just made the greatest album,” or something, and then you try to make another just like that one. Who knows?”– Kazu Makino