“A new take on the married-in-Vegas trope, Givers & Takers’ new music video for their single “Strangers” is a wild ride through lower Manhattan, despite the current music scene’s usual aversion to the borough. Maybe North Brooklyn really is over? The proposed L train shutdown may have artists and musicians hustling back to the island faster than you’d think…Or maybe no one bothered to tell the California psych-rockers that the East Village isn’t exactly the center of millennial partydom these days (outside of NYU, that is).

Regardless, the low-budget video, cleverly edited and expertly saving the twist for last, ties together a family dinner, a love story on Astor Place, and a Bacchic party-turned-wedding, interspersing live band footage for an old-school spin.

The song itself is a poppy mixture of psychedelic rock and Weeknd-like R&B vocals, and is self-aware enough to rhyme “Stranger” with “Danger” without making me cringe. I dig.”