“This comes out of schedule for our monthly mixtape series here at E.T. but for a damn great cause, because it’s connected in many ways to our coverage of diaspora based talent. We’re presenting an entire mixtape of Pakistani electronic artists on this great mixtape by Forever South. So hold up, before we get there, let’s rewind. Recently I spoke to Dynoman, a music producer and co-founder of the Karachi based crew “Forever South” [FXS] and discovered as a creative team they have been around since 2012 populating the online realm with future, abstract, and expressionist sounds. Currently as a label they have 3 core releases, collections Volume 1, 2, and 3 which can be found on their bandcamp page. It’s amazing to see Pakistan’s creativity come to life here: it features nightclub-esque thumpers with trance, dub, and drum & bass genre elements being implemented. We’re proud to present to New York City this volume called “Hotcues.” Should mention that this Karachi based label also focuses heavily on visual art. So for this series as they release a track a week produced by one of their roster members, it’s paired with artwork made by a visual artist (for now all are Karachi based as well) to give a face for the song. Imagine seeing this live? While lastly, to top it off, this will all cumulate into a vinyl in December 2016. An Asian Diaspora steadily on the rise, be sure to snag this collection and throw your own rave the Karachi way.”
Musician: Block-2 | Song: With It | Artist: Talha Asim Wynne
Musician:Rudoh| Song: It Ain’t | Artist: Asma Javeri
Musician: Eridu | Song:In Time| Artist: Sana Nasir
Musician: Tollcrane| Song: Revultion| Artist: Rahema Alam
Musician: Friedi | Song: FM4LYF| Artist: Rahema Alam
Musician: Smax | Song: Railways | Artist: Samya Arif
Musician: TMPST| Song: Tartare| Artist: Asma Javeri and Humayun M
Musician: JOFU| Song: Freed| Artist: Nawal Tariq
Musician: Dynoman | Song: Hammerstix | Artist: Faizan RiedingerArtwork by Rahema Alam