“Ah yes, the colors of mangos, apples, and marigolds bursting on your shirt in the cooling air, landing on your face! It’s time for the festival of Colors: Holi NYC is a joyous celebration of the coming of spring and we’re sending our new event journalist to cover it on E.T.’s behalf! Darragh Durand is a shooter and writer for Vanyaland & Jump, and all around badass behind her lens, she’ll be a guest contributor here this year! Holi of course is the Hindu spring festival, known as the festival of colors that has gained wide cultural appreciation as a uniter across many faiths, continents, and religions. This year the festival taking place at The Holi Lot (485 Johnson Ave in Brooklyn) and features a killer list of bands like, Lucky Chops, Charcole Federation, Quincy Vidal, Scienze, The Skins, Branchez, The Golden Pony, Noah bility, DJ Vic, and M.A.K.U. Soundsystem.  109553469356276431234138806003967843379127nLive bands, beautiful colors, DJ’s, food, positive connections is exactly what the world needs more of. Tickets are just about sold out but you can still get some here, be sure to use purple and make it rain, (RIP PRINCE!).

Lucky Chops | Festival of Colors Holi