“Lucky Chops, chops aside clearly, have a gift for making brass instruments talk to us. Even still they emulate the native instruments of other genres like “it’s just a weekend,”–making the first person to who wonder where the lead guitarist in the band was to have to walk out of the room in shame! Freshly minted, “Danza 2016” is a stupidly high energy track, sweat-beads hanging on to your forehead in a dank venue and all, (SPOILER ALERT) you could say it’s  fit for the eye of the tiger. I first booked these guys in 2013 in front of the rotating Bowery + Houston mural concert series we created for MMNY, back when they had a few different faces and albeit at times a safer precision. When I see/hear a band evolve in New York City–the place where most bands off a craigslist ad fight, breakup, or wimp out every 6 months,–it’s a real treat when you see one up their game. Be it more concise, musically mature, and a swagger that says, “i’m a hustler baby, it’s not about where I am, but where i’m about to go.” So, not an ounce of being surprised is in my water it has made them exceptional during this era of a vapid Empire State art-scene changes. Dare I say that? Why yes, it’s New Yawk after all. To quote a great memestress, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” I’m glad they’ve got the chops to prove it.