13047860_1030382473718609_8229773076808581954_o“Thanks to Ariel Bitran, Leeor Waisbrod, and Rose Fathers, the musicians and friends that opened Palisades have something to be pretty excited about. Two years to the day they opened they’re gracing the cover of The New Yorker in their latest issue! Stating, “Two years ago on opening day, we acquired our liquor license (that same day), and we held a photo exhibit accompanied by DJ. We served dumplings. People danced like crazy.” Accurately further expressed by, “So proud and happy to have The New Yorker capture our essence two years later to the day. We will continue to be a fun, safe, and welcoming to all. Thank you so much for your support so far!!!” in a statement posted on their facebook page alongside the announcement. Palisades has filled some of the vacuum North Brooklyn venues have left in their absence from the last few years, in all its dive bar lack of glitz glory. So how bout a support for DIY safe spaces next time you’re looking for random shows to check out or if you’re in the neighborhood? End the dumpling rumor once and for all.”