c2When Starchild & The New Romantic entered my life, I had been catapulted onto the dance floor, (a certain kind of brownie may have enhanced my usual level of good vibes, but I take full responsibility of asking everyone to move closer to the stage!) whether it was pumping bass-lines that could channel Motown, or the Prince like star-charm, Starchild took me by storm! The band gave so much it was impossible to not give back. A child of R&B, Jazz, and Gospel, I felt like I was listening and watching a pure synthesis of influences that could span Outkast to D’angelo to Duke Ellington without dilution, a pure talent, very humble. When their set ended with the Starchild himself spinning and landing into a split, I wasn’t sure how anyone could possibly follow that! It’s great seeing everyone dance and let loose for an opening act after all and the stage was adequately warmed for 2001 who expanded upon the warmth.b6

2001 took to the stage next, last night was their 7″ release. Their music is like a nice heated blanket featuring dual male female vocals, that often were in union so much it sounded like a breathy cloud smacking me with puffs of love. The poly-rythmic choices are often tapered in a way they become hard to account for, and often a chorus lifts the locking rhythm into the sky all the while being held by the absolute swagger of their drummer making all of the elements have a buttery quality, seamless transitions. The energy was insane and I left my heart on the dance floor to have it only caressed and swooned back by Adesuwa.a10Adesuwa brought the emotional duende of lunar power, mixing soul with ambient indie-pop ethereal vibes backed by an incredibly talented band, this wonderful evening was presented by Hypnocraft.