10Last night I got an invite to Pianos from Rich Nardo (who runs a great company called 24West) to check out a band north of Manhattan from Nyack, New York. One of the things I love most about music creating, is that popular eras can get blurred and passed on, a modern band can take their source of inspiration from anywhere. I heard things that were reminiscent of post Britpop-Movements, bands like, Oasis, Snowpatrol, and Stafford’s Editors. The writing was a conduit for Jase Blankfort’s journey, stories of love and loss passionately sung, I mean this guy can belt and hold a note with grace. The guitar work of Chris Kyle caught my attention, from the wide use of subtle tone changes, to finding the right place to be during moments where two strumming guitars can at times trip over one another, Blankfort and Kyle work in tandem to create a large sound. The dual harmonies of their drummer Anders Fleming and Blankfort cut through the music adding some beautiful airy pointedness, Fleming and bassist Ian Hersey kept a ground work consistent of driving progressions with high blustery moments when things got heated. The experience and hours they’ve put in radiates off them. After all, even a non-musican obviously observes (enjoys) when an artist is getting the keys, timing, and hitting pitch right, but what happens when you’re not noticing anymore? It might take a few songs before you’re finding yourself sucked in and drawn to something. That’s what Glint does, from Blankfort’s emphatic use of his entire body to convey a song or the gel swashing around between the band members, there’s certainly an energy that is present flowing through them, and for songs on record that can have these, larger than life, self-reflective moments, the feeling is certainly uplifting live. You leave feeling a little bit better than you did before witnessing Glint perform. Isn’t that what any artist can ask for? Isn’t that what any music fan can hope to receive? You can watch Glint at Pianos all month long as their residency is now underway, pick up their new vinyl and hop on a train, maybe they’ll have some fries and a beer with you afterwards.