Elevtrtrax of the day – Boxing FetishCousin Of Death 1

“Coming out of Chicago is a band called Boxing Fetish playing music as incantations; like monks in a temple, stockpiled with harmony after harmony and an unfettered blanket of chime-y noises. They join the NEW New Wave era of bands, with an affinity to early 70’s and 80’s rock. Boxing Fetish make use of duality, lead licks, many vocals, repetition, and release. “Cousin Of Death 1″ encapsulates it all so well and gives a great glimpse into their vibe, it’s like a lo-fi version of Local Natives with a touch of chill wave in there in a Wild Nothing way, yet rightfully, entirely their own. I personally love it when they embrace the weirdness that can be found on other tracks, take a gander.”