“Steady Sun’s last record made its way into my top 5 around the time we last covered it here. What I described as a 35-minute & 66-seccond journey of flowers and insects and dream-like states, now has a visual component by way of the official music video for “Only.” Filming to beautiful 16mm is always an interesting choice, analog audio and video have reemerged as mediums have steadily evolved towards total streaming, maybe one day they’ll just be beamed into our brain! Until then however, artists like Steady Sun will take the time to find the less than perfect in the grain. “Only” shows the band standing haplessly downed in all black singing along to the lyrics as streams of grain noise swashed in (hand painted) colors toss restlessly. The sight of what could look like a college students short film, cuts in short glimpses, adding to an anonymous vibe that couldn’t be better tailored for the song. Over all this is like a multi-layered experience primed for repeated viewing for a band that makes multi-layered music, I won’t give away a key characteristic of the video because it’s made for watching, enjoy the trip!”

Directed by Slack Barrett

Created by Slack Barrett and Sean Kiely

Made using hand-painted 16mm fim

Steady Sun – “Flora” Out Now: steadysun.bandcamp.com/album/f-l-o-r-a