Screenshot 2016-03-31 16.42.24Elevtrtrax founder Nadeem Gibran Salaam directed a video for Journalism for the single “Faces I” off their debut full length Faces, and it’s out on MTV today! With the help of the esteemed Jesse Kane-Hartnett and Chase Dominick, we aimed to produce this tour de force of driving  energetic fast movements, roughly 200 shots were edited down from three cameras! Or what the kind folks at MTV have described as “Angular and Colorful.” Just wanted to put out there to the community it’s always an honor when artists ask us to produce work for them, obviously having that premiere on such wide outlets for all to see is a blessing on top of that! So major thanks to the boys of Journalism for wanting to work with me, Jesse and Chase for helping nail some very angular shots, Claire Wood for set design, Silent Barn for letting us film there, and MTV for making my sixteen year old dreams come to life! Check out the video premiere here and buy the damn record you won’t be disappointed!