Elevtrtrax Of The Day – GobbyRomance Frog

“Romance Frog” is like fireflies in a jar, the video release with the single from the upcoming No Mercy Bad Poet, is an experiment in the visual component projecting some fine essence of a song, and one I can watch over and over again. What a simple image, a man in a hoodie in a park mumbling along to the lyrics of his song out of time. I say out of time because it looks possibly slowed down a bit, this while a blur suggests the mirage of older asian women practicing their Tai chi in the background in a park that could look like any park in an American major city. Gobby then clumsily dropping the lyrics out of his mouth like concrete soot. His work in the underground scene and how he keeps managing this very cerebral and lucidity in plain clothes and a fitted “no-doubt” hat, is sort of his mantra. Luckily he’s playing a show soon in Brooklyn that you won’t want to miss.

// 4/16 NYC: Trans Pecos