Elevtrtrax Of The Day – P.O.S.Sleepdrone​/​Superposition

“With hysteria and tensions abound, ‘Sleepdrove/Superposition’ is like P.O.S.’s swan song for mankind’s innocence. It’s a bursting of the soul into light from the dark. ‘Sleepdrone/Superposition’ is filled with random acts of noise and impulsive electronic glitches. Through out, they act as clever uses of audio samples adding to the unease as they slam instantly without warning yet trail away leaving echoes behind while the group harmonies and drums blended in bring you right back to the raw human emotions being personified by P.O.S.–a rapper who squeezes in so many words per second acting like a train about to go off the rails. Best new hip-hop i’ve heard on the indie circuit.”