Dizzy Juice are a band from Ridgewood Queens who were nice to invite me into their home for Episode 4 of our Melt Fest short-docs. Their living room, adorned by a classic Hendrix poster, a voluminous vinyl collection, (one that the luck of the draw would have us playing Zeppelin III by the short-docs end), was like a den for the rock greats. Between all the humor and good vibes I also saw a band that was the essence of “diy” in do-it-yourself, look for the mention of their Dollar Game Records or the large list of local bands they fire off, bands like, Big Figment, Madam West, Steady Sun, Sun Voyager, Vamanos, Gorilla love list, Friend, Wolf Diamond, and Lightning Bug. They also made an incredible music video that I hadn’t seen before filming this and wish I did because it’s brilliant! You get to see a tiny bit of it because we had to use it for the outro! Go youtube that immediately and snag some Melt Fest tickets, Dizzy Juice is playing the early portion of the festival at Baby’s All Right. Tickets and Ticket giveaways now available here via doNYC.

Stay tuned for the Melt Fest webisode finale featuring Williamsburg based Big Figment out Friday, March 18th. If you haven’t picked up tickets just yet, now is the time! We’re days away from the festival, and remember: all purchased tix are valid for either venue.