“With the sensations of Spring wafting in with Summer eyes, the coordinating of schedules for these short docs actually began way back in early February, when there were cold silent nights, nights we were prepared to march into the frost and film a few bands like Young Runner. Young Runner are Long Island natives, which automatically gave them a points in my heart being as I went to high school there, they were hanging out with co-festival creator Sophie Chernin at The Anchored Inn talking about their process, the best and worst of shows, and what’s next for them. They are performing at Meltfest2016’s evening portion at C’mon Everybody March 20th, 2016, and lastly, today they have a treat, brand new music that just premiered on Purevolume, be sure to check out their new tunes and enjoy the video!”

 Tickets and Ticket giveaways now available here via doNYC.

Jhaye Melt Fest crew snapped this from the mail today

Jhaye James, Melt Fest crew snapped this from the mail today! Keep these on your wrists!

Stay tuned for the next webisode featuring Ridgewood’s Dizzy Juice this coming Tuesday March 15th! Followed by the finale featuring Williamsburg based Big Figment Friday, March 18th. If you haven’t picked up tickets just yet, now is the time! We’re days away from the festival, and remember: all tickets purchased are valid for either venue just be sure to keep wristbands, we cannot stress that enough you do not need to buy tickets twice, although everyone appreciates extra cash flow, we’d never sucker anyone because we’d be suckers too!