Pakistan-Karachi Based Slowspin | A Bright Voice From The Shadows

tumblr_nx6k2397yD1tv8hm7o2_r1_1280Somewhere in the most populous city in Pakistan, there is a young women creating music that transmits her world into the sonic medium in Karachi, she goes by the moniker Slowspin. When I first discovered her music on the web, I was surprised to know where she was crafting these illustrious, mostly electronic and sample-laden songs, (take a listen to “Self” below, one of the stand out tracks) though half way into her latest record Between Shadows In Water, there is an enveloping, almost, shamanistic experience; capturing the subconscious of both a restless city and the young, the world knows little of.

There’s something that carries more water with it than the art can possibly know it carries, and for that reason the gravity of the work is more dense, like a flare in the abyss. Slowspin has encapsulated a transmission deep from the shadows; original, experimental soundscapes, where only the apparition of traditional Pakistani music modals sing out into the reverberant waves of keyboards, guitars, and synths. Credits to Label Hear Now Records, whom have invested in her work and will hopefully and rightfully help her reach a wider audience.

I am personally rooting for her journey and hope of course it takes her to my local indie-scene of Brooklyn sometime in our near future, so that where a quantity of experimental artists and appreciators alike could share in her sonic intricacies and impart upon them her personal experiences, one cavernous track at a time.