“For the rest of winter, I’ll be building mountains from hills kissed by roses, they’ll dangle round your neck like rosary, and it’s all I think I can handle. Can I show you around? This is my place to burn campfires a place to print my mind with ink, sharpen my little wooden teeth and build till I can feel the sky breathe down my neck. So I hope you like a little oil in your cup because for little shaped maladies like words: they dry the basket of heart and I am here with wilted magnolia and black dahlia in my hand baskets, I am here to watch this poem burn past February and be the fuel for Spring and be the ache of Summer.

Quick, let’s ask a botanist:

1) is it possible for flowerings to bloom again?

2) can they survive harsh winters or do their hearts long for love too much to bare?” – N.G. Salaam

// Featuring Moses Sumney, Delorean, Snow In Mexico, Empress Of, Binary Sol, Soft Fangs, Serafina Steer, Fall Seattle, The Hanging Stars, My Holger, and Landings. //

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