I was introduced to Twiga a few weeks back and decided to review them when I realized I had been unwittingly looping their latest album, Kites, on Spotify (you’re welcome for those few, precious cents).

That’s the thing about Kites – it’s so easy to get into that you hardly realize you’re hooked. Each song is like a microcosm of the record itself: start strong, pull you in with a simple hook, end too soon. Even in the midst of deliberate tempos (part of me does wonder what a tempo bump would do for the title track) and guitar breaks, nothing ever feels like it’s dragging. It’s a great exercise in simple, effective songwriting that’s worth a play-through regardless of your predilections.

I don’t like to work in comparisons (because they’re often pointless), but I was immediately struck with a Built to Spill vibe. The vocals aren’t terribly present in the mix, but the harmonies are really well blended both live and on the record. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Dave’s delivery on every song, but I can’t say much about the lyrics because, well, you try telling me what he’s saying sometimes.

I get the sense that the words per se are somewhat beside the point; it’s the feeling each song produces when everything coalesces that matters. And what you get are four pithy, seriously catchy songs.

Now go. Go listen to them and see them live (their next show is at Palisades). Go be that cool friend who heard about that band.

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