“Above this earth hangs an infinite cold elastic unbound by our need to know. But here, we eventually all gaze out. No matter how hard we try, we cannot help but gaze at the monsoon of Illuminant bastions made of light at the bottom of another world like some mystical crown at the top of ours. This celestial dust, one by one, we map and name; astronomy, cartography, and song—only the combustion heart, only the spark of our soul, only the imprint of it in a fiery blaze pushes us all a millimeter forward. We do this in the only way we know how. Through tiny skeletal-fingerprints; those scattered lyrics in deltas or bedrock, our hymnal songs, our poems that are between the vastness of the land and water of one small planets surface. The proof of our human condition and the possibility of virtue; this is how we find us, billions of people moving to a rhythm that no one is playing except every single one of us.”

// Featuring the tenacious Henry Flower, Caveman, Journalism, Friend Roulette, Hydrogen Sea, Haif Waif, Moontrees, Witch, Humeysha, Sam Yield, CFCF, Sam Slater, and Madam West.

// Brooklyn, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Germany //