“Humeysha doesn’t seem to stop wanting to peel back layers of my critical mind. Last night they took to the Mercury Lounge stage in all white Salwar Kameez and played some of my favorites from their self-titled like, “For Love, From The Law” and “Good Night India.” After a few songs in, it was clear this was a full crowd now and they were feeling what Humeysha was putting down. I get nervous for bands that create work that is applauded online. Humeysha have tacked on a decent arrangement of nods from being on Bandcamp Weekly, Vimeo’s Staff Picks, and The Fader.  While the first track from the LP ‘For Love, From the Law’ just hit Spotify’s USA Viral Top 50 list, culminating a string of successes on Spotify: inclusion on Spotify Canada’s New Music Friday playlist for 12/26, 60,000+ global listeners for the band so far, and 125,000+ listens. There are two very apparent ways a band transitions from a record and its marketing in my experience, either one is low or high in energy. If you enjoyed their record online, i’ll assure you, they fall into the latter half. John Snyder on drums played more and filled in more than the record and even played tabla samples off an SPD-SX pad, Adrien DeFontaine laid down the groove fitting right in that special bassist place, brownie points for having a warm tone and doing the angular bass parts on the record the utmost justice—Dylan Bostick and Zain Alam’s guitars were wonderfully intertwining thanks to notable players like Zain’s Jag-guitar through Vox amps and Zain himself was very poised for a first show for a full house and had a very modest reserve even during the riotous applauses after songs settled. They closed the night out with their single “Burma Between You & Me.” It’s clear to me this project is going to be special, to hear Hindi and Indie blended into the context of a NYC venue was something unequivocally exciting, and you could feel that energy there with them the entire way.”

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