Burma Between You and Me (Oldransom remix)

Exclusive Premiere – HumeyshaBurma Between You and Me (Oldransom remix)

unnamed“What’s starting as only the tip of the iceberg in terms of a recent collaboration with artist Humeysha; we’d like to announce and present an exclusive premiere with the band. Zain Alam, an Indian American artist casts his foot in both tradition and Indie Rock, and if you haven’t heard the original for ‘Burma Between You & Me‘ you should! For those that have, here’s a remix that found its way into the hands of producer Oldransom (known for his excellent remixes like this Jaust track) who when upon hearing the track wanted to remix it lending to Humeysha’s upcoming Humeysha Remixes out in a few weeks. It’s in some ways far removed as an instrumental version, but none the less, a moody recapture of a brilliant song. You can see the debut live performance by this band this Tuesday night at Mercury Lounge, and it’s our featured event over on our DoNYC calendar.

// Support: http://humeysha.com

Cover art by: Dan Obzejta