“With our live event coverage over for 2015, we couldn’t say no right before the turn of the year to a great friend of founder Nadeem Salaam’s before he takes on a filming project. This is Scott Siskind, some may know his work here from the band Vinny Vegas​, he played “Watch Out For Mastodons” at Bushwick Inlet Park​ on a really cold day in an otherwise exceptionally warm December. Excuse all planes and geese, geese that REALLY like Scott and be sure to check out his solo work and Vinny Vegas material.”

Band // Scott Siskind // Vinny Vegas
Song // “Watch Out For Mastodons”
Support Scott // https://scottsiskind.bandcamp.com/releases
Vinny Vegas // http://vinnyvegasmusic.com
Us // http://elevtrtrax.com