Elevtrtrax of the day – Ruby My DearFlourisher

“After a shimmering synth intro, Ruby My Dear’s new single “Flourisher” opens with gorgeous vocal harmonies that will immediately remind a listener of Dirty Projectors at their peak. The vocals create a dreamy rhythmic thruline while Gabbi Coenen, the group’s composer and lead singer, narrates a tale of childlike sleeping and waking, inspired by The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Gabbi recalls reading the book before writing the song when she flew back to her native Australia last year; “how children speak and their imaginations when it comes to language–breaking up sentences, reversing words, things like that.”

On writing the song, Gabbi says: “I wanted to challenge myself to write just using 2 chords and in a normal time signature (4/4), since I tend to get carried away with lots of dense harmonies and weird meters…Of course this band never does anything straightforward…but I think ultimately it retains that underlying simplicity.” I couldn’t agree more. The complex arranging choices do nothing to take away from the song’s hook, which was caught in my head several minutes after listening. It’s uplifting, soothing and inspiring all at once. Take a listen on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Spotify.”