“New me bullshit is over, good music is THE remedy for vigor and contemplation, and we’re rolling out a slew of Brooklyn’s finest (sorry NYPD) on our first mixtape of the year. January is a hairy beast. January will eat your dreams without hesitation. January will charge your debit card twice for Netflix, order gross vegan cheese on your pizza by “accident,” but what we have on our Serato at Elevtrtrax is a soothsaying, omni-present sojourner, full-time Warrior with enough luminescent juju to kill the beasts of perjury and plunder away. Congrats, you’re going to do big things.”

Featuring the fantastic: Steady Sun, Summer Moon, .nadia., Weekender – Floaty Feeling, Blue, Hookworms — Retreat, Sameblod, DizzyJuice, ZEMA, Moon Diagrams, Sam Seeger, pHoaming Edison, steve_sobs, & Reonda.

// Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, Philly, Leeds, United Kingdom, Sweden //