12106902_479744572194150_5898461040208819429_n“Dave Nelson is a trombonist/composer/multi-instrumentalist living in New York. Working in both pop (David Byrne, The National, Sufjan Stevens) and contemporary classical (Talea, ICE, John Adams) genres.

On “Thirty Thousand Feet,” Nelson improvises through analog gear with his trombone, the feeling is very dizzying and lucid as a result, the fall from grace feels like you’re also stuck there. You’re never promised a landing, often after a few passing moments you’re swept up enough, your sense of being loosens its grip. In fact, the image at the face of “Thirty Thousand Feet,” what towering over the small of earth, speckle of hoarfrost clouds at your periphery, are but docile threats to your impressionable mind.

Dave Nelson takes us on a harrowing journey much farther into relativity. I’m at awe at the way the notes guide us vs Dave’s hand guiding the slide of his trombone, a great meditation, a great album to contemplate throughout the new year and beyond.”11807355_457010624467545_5413152280869949521_o

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