Weekender – Floaty Feeling, Blue


“Established from The City of Brotherly Love’s indie-music scene, comes Weekender back with a new track; aptly titled, ‘Floaty Feeling, Blue.’ In just over 4-minutes, they ooze over the prospect of trying to gain the place in time where things were easier. But love is never built for the weak, nor promises all-high’s without lows, and Philly’s Weekender shine best when they parcel out that heaviness onto clouds. On ‘Floaty Feeling, Blue,’ thanks to the breathability of Sheehan’s song writing, it allows for much of the dynamics heard on the song to shine in unison and thus lift the song into a pop element that hits the right balance. Because in Indie-pop domains, it’s easy to overdo, and i’m sure having a backing band comprised of Philly’s brightest working indie musicians helps! Take Jesse Petas on drums, percussion, a fantastic drummer, Brendan McGeehan  on Bass, Dan Mudd on Synthesizer, and former Indie-rock outfit Phantasm’s frontman Steven Rosplock on Guitar and vocals.

The band has sort of been in a position of being quite and doing not-so-quite things; opening for acts like The Growlers and Future Islands; indie-rock’s denizens, and now the group, re-outfitted, dusting off the “Best-of” nods of 2013, are back in this 2015/2016 era with a sophomoric release, hoping to be in the latter of not-so-quite.

Noteworthy to our own music scene here in Brooklyn, PaperCup, a Brooklyn-based Indie Label, were the first to aquire the group after their debut EP Spanish Peaks was released and we’re looking forward to the eponymous Floaty, Feeling Blue if it moves and breathes anything like their single.

SUPPORT // http://www.weekenderband.com