“A J train ushers me into Dubway’s Iconic studio for an overnight session with friend Israel Heller​ at 11pm to 3am, pretty sure Isreal (who is starting a great new project under the moniker Next Emissary​ ) lost his marbles first. There is some beautiful video to come of this, but enjoy some moments from the night, a journal with an almost finished song, Israel testing headhphones, in the zone, a $20 grand mic test to see which would be best for his voice (Engineer Stephen Kurpis​ illustrated to his intern however, it’s not always the most expensive that works for any particular singers voice.) While we’re at it, we’d like to announce our first ever short/ documentary partnering with an artist. We’ll be filming a tour next with Isreal in March where we’ll be doing pop-up coverage from The City of Angels! See you in Cali in 2016.”