.gif – Soma

a3358729959_10“File extensions vs bandnames go! Ok, so .gif are more than the meme-able, love-able, all awesome web-gif, they are a part of a movement called “Syndicate” beaming from Singapore. On Soma, songs like ‘Disquit’ feature a warm vocal that keeps a rough side at bay; that’s the brilliance of this singer, I feel she simply shows her ugly face in the next room while we hear her ghostly voice in another. These worlds dance on top of the static humdrum of the keys and blips of drum machines, I hear subtle nods to Frou Frou, Alt-J and The xx in there and i’m not sure if it’s the lyrics, over-and-over, calling to me, “sleep,” “sleep,” “sleep,” that really put me at ease, but ‘Disquiet’ and Soma at large is just a great gem from a world I know so little of in and of itself. Singapore, you’re a odd place for electronic music but i’m glad your giving the world artists like .gif that’s for sure and adding to the horizon we all share.”

Support: http://www.syndicate.sg